1DERL& - Reflection LP


A steamy, dark, foggy hall – flashlights – the taste of wet air filled with sweat, dancing people, mountains of subwoofers, pulsating bass - power – Techno. That's what 1DERL& “Reflection LP” is made for, that's how it feels and what it sounds like. Margus Löve, based in Estonia's old and beautiful capital Tallinn, has created a resonant, diversified and deep, floor oriented and, in the most positive meaning, classic Techno Album. 10 tracks full of flavours and ideas. A 4/4-journey through Dubtechno, deep, industrial soundscapes, reminiscent of the old, rusty ruins of Detroit and dark warehouse's or cellars full of people lost in the moment - dancing to the same rhythm, dancing to the same beat, dancing in the same world. Moments of unity and joy, ecstatic vocals filling the air, next to gloomy, haunted tracks, full of mesmerizing sounds - all of this is 'Reflection'.

Release date: 21st of May, 2012

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Album review on suru.lt 24.05.2012 (thank you Edvardas Vaišvila / Inside-Out for translation)

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1DERL&’s debut made of reflections

The debut album Reflection from the Estonian leader of the bass scene Margus Löve is a collection of reflections of his own wonderland (the meaning of the moniker 1DERL&).

Although Margus, also known as L-OW and Lizon, is mostly connected to the bass scene, he also leans towards dubstep and drum and bass. From 2005, influenced by his idols Marco Carola and Adam Beyer, the activist of Tallinn’s parties stuck to the more even 4/4 beat mix and began circling his attack fighter around the techno scene. This gave him an impulse for a unique and new project – 1DERL&, and this week, the debut album Reflection emerged from Margus Löve’s private studio Processed.

Margus avoids listening to heaps of new music in order to prevent creative limits. He believes that this allows him to experiment more and find his own unique path. I can’t say that I found new gold veins in his debut album, but the collage of sounds is pretty original. The motifs remind of Basic Channel, Deadbeat, Alex Smoke or Fluxion, but in a different (although hardly wonder-) world. Reflection consists of 10 tracks with a mood of dancing shadows surrounded by mystery. Strong bass lines – which the author heavily relies on – give freshness and tranquility, while eclectic percussions provide light hypnotic rhythms. Despite several beaten and unnecessarily lengthy tracks, the album has its keynote, and the pieces are clearly interconnected. The rhythmic of the album is alternating and not stressing, but it’s not a bedroom palette either.

In general, it is a proper bass techno automobile to accompany the nights and mornings of the coming summer with comfortable darkness.

Original link > http://www.suru.lt/1derl-debiutas-sudeliotas-is-atspindziu/#more-36630

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Album review on dubauskaite.lt 30.05.2012 (thank you Daina Dubauskaitė for translation)

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I discovered L-OW last year in Tundra Festival. He gave a lot of flesh to the Bass stage and grounded it well. At least that‘s what my memories look like after making it through the black winter and while waiting for new festival discoveries. L-OW managed to be discovered again and surprise me even before the high season.

The name is new this time. It‘s 1DERL&. Wonderland. Estonia? Or techno-discothequelandia? Well, it doesn‘t matter just yet. New is not just the name (at least for me) but also the label Processed, in which the Estonian producer released his album titled Reflection.

The first track ended while I was compiling all of the names listed above. There are 10 of them in this 4x4 structured and deep bass-braided album. You might want to look for something more refreshing or brighter when the sun is shining, but the concentrated drizzle is meant exactly for a typical Lithuanian (I guess Estonian as well) time when dusk meets dawn and dawn meets a foggy morning.

Yep, it’s night-balanced. Good for dancing with your friends that are also struck with love for deep and positive techno. Good for solitude as well. Actually, there’s no need to divide the tracks of Reflection to these categories – all of them are rich enough by the means of fulfillment and content to be suited for many different emotions. By the way, the names of the tracks are extremely well-suited. When hearing Vaporized you might as well rise to the sky when heated by the morning rays, and Float Boat is perfect for a boat party.

Original link > http://www.dubauskaite.lt/781584/klausau/1derl-amp-reflection-prcsd001

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