Kamikaze Space Programme

Kamikaze Space Programme


Estonian based Chris Jarman is no stranger to the world of waiting endlessly in airports and developing obsessive compulsive studio habits. Having produced drum & bass for the last 10 years under the alias Raiden, he has a discography, label affiliations and dj history that would make most musicians green with envy. He is certainly no amateur in the music industry. But enough about that, this is about his latest project……Kamikaze Space Programme.

Kamikaze Space Programme or ‘KSP‘ is fusion of House & Techno experiments with a healthy dose of Chris Jarman’s own live percussion and his trademark monster bass production. Upon discovering the new UK bass movement , a music genre coming from post dubstep producers looking to create music with more substance and maturity, Chris felt this was the music he had waited 10 years for, and now he is part of it. After a decade of fusing 170bpms with techno and tribal rhythm’s Kamikaze Space Programme is the next logical step to his long and productive career – a sound devoid of rules and preconceptions, which is liberating for an artist who draws influences from a wide spectrum of music. Who else would mix Jeff Mills, Les Baxter and Hector Lavoe!

Within the first 6 months of creating Kamikaze Space Programme Chris has been asked to write 2 eps for the Bristol based label Deca Rhythm and received support from artists such as Addison Groove, Mj Cole, Blawan & Randomer as well as international bookings. Not bad considering he has only sent out a handful of demos! He has been working on a dj set up using the latest digital technology which aims to create a unique experience way beyond the realms of 2 turntables and a mixer mixing up styles from Tech House, Electro, to early Chicago House and Detroit Techno.

As we launch for Kamikaze Space Exploration!