Compound Minerals

Compound Minerals


Compound Minerals (aka Mihkel Maripuu) – "Sound as a medium captivates me the most with it’s unbounded and indefinite abstract form. Being also a visual artist, I have to deal within two dimentional matter day by day, inevitably the expression of a plane 2D format tends to remain limited due to it’s crude definition.

In the field of sounds the most facinateing thing is it’s palatial magnitude, that on one hand is totally transparent but at the same time we can feel it strongly in our minds, body and soul. Together they form these mystical machinations that can lead to altered perceptions to enchance our everyday routines.

The spiritual experience of electronic music, particulary in dance music is very imporatant for me. Especially the fact that from the beginning of the times the rhythm in music has been the catalysator for experiencing different ways of being. It does not matter if it’s just a primitive archaic drum beat in a tribe, Christianic coral presented with an organ in a church or an electronically composed techno track in a club. They all have the same effect and purpose, to lose one’s self in the moment and experience the mass of collective energy that allows us to have intospective or extrospective approaches for the psyche.

For me techno is not just a music or a genre identification, it’s more like a a state of mind that has almos limitless potential to effect and generate all kinds of different mindscapes."


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